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I inherited my dad’s love of storytelling…and now I like to put my stories into written form. It was by sheer good fortune that I was invited to be one of four women who put out a weekly “Writer Wednesday Blog Hop”. Stories for this blog hop were posted every Wednesday, complete with submission guidelines for those wanting to contribute to the next blog hop. As good projects often do, after awhile our Writer Wednesday Blog Hop went away…and I miss it to this day.

I’m adjusting the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop a bit to be a part of Inner Sunshine.  The name is now changed to “Wednesday Stories.”


Anyone is welcome to submit, whether you have your own blog or not.  Please email your story to any time.  Entries received by Monday afternoon at 5:00 will be posted on Wednesday morning.  Entries received after this time will be saved for posting on the next Wednesday.

  • I hope to post the theme for the next Wednesday Stories each Thursday.   Prompts to center your story around will either be two unrelated photos OR one photo and five unrelated words that are to be incorporated into your story.


  • Rough drafts are welcome, as I will be glad to play editor (and of course, give proper credit for each story I receive).


  • In keeping with the theme of this blog, violence/abuse/hatred stories will not be posted.


  • Stories can be short, but there will be a limit of 500 words.  At first, I chafed at having to restrict myself to 500 words, but soon I found it to be a good writing discipline.  I learned how to tell a complete story in less words.  🙂  Another factor is, stories with more than 500 words tend to tire a reader.


  • If you have any questions about Wednesday Stories, please email me at


  • I’m always on the lookout for new pictures.  If you have one you would like to submit to be used as a possible prompt in the future, email it to


  • Lastly, Wednesday Stories is a place where you can have fun, and the stories will be part of this community to enjoy.  I hope to see you participate.  🙂

There is a way you can submit a story for Wednesday Stories that has nothing to do with the prompts given every Thursday.  In addition to inviting people to use the prompts, I am also looking for stories of your own design (using your own, internal prompts).  There will not be a 500-word limit, although to stay in the general ballpark of 500 words is recommended.

Why no prompts?  I would like to have a collection of stories at the ready, to be posted on the weeks when I happen to be the only writer.  (Certainly you folks want to read more than just a story by Debb, yes?)  Please write an original story for Wednesday Stories, not something that has been published before.  Thanks!

How will we know if the stories are without prompts or ones with prompts?  The stories written to the prompts given shall remain “——‘s Story for Wednesday Stories (xx/xx/xx).”  Stories sent to me without prompts for the purpose of taking up the slack, will be titled “A Treasure Chest Story for Wednesday Stories (xx/xx/xx).”

Any questions?  Please use the comment section, and I will be sure to get back to you.

Thanks again ~ ~

Your partner in storytelling (and reading),