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Writing Prompt for June 2017 and an Update

New prompt:

Write a rhyming poem or story poem to include all eight words:

iPod   licence/license   whistle   cream   sausage   t-shirt   church   padlock

this is a picture of a church in the public domain which you can use in your poem — or not

Don’t forget to rhyme the end of each phrase!

Due date:  see the paragraph labeled What will happen to Wednesday Stories?.


New blog:

It’s time to start a new blog!  It will go live on approximately June 5th.   This new blog will replace Inner Sunshine and talk about my journey with minimalism and simplicity.  I am  not an expert; I will share what has worked for me (and what hasn’t) and what I am learning along the way.  I hope you can all visit the new blog, even if it’s just to be informed about what I am doing and what I am up to.


What will happen to Wednesday Stories?

The new blog will retain Wednesday Stories for all you writer/reader types out there! 🙂  I will feature it in this minimalism blog as proof that any little bit of minimalism in one’s life can save you money and time — time that you can use for your special project, hobby, or passion!  My passion, of course, is writing.  Adopting some minimalistic ways has enabled me to keep on writing once a week — and indeed, the writer in me likes to follow prompts!  🙂  (If my game were golf, golf would be written about in the new blog.  But alas — be glad I am NOT a golfer!)

Wednesday Stories will be renamed, and I will change the format somewhat to bring additional writers on board.  But don’t worry — it will still be fun!  The due date for the prompt above is Sunday, June 4th.  This will give you some extra time so it can appear on the new blog.  The post on June 8th will reveal the new guidelines.

If you choose to send in a poem for this prompt, please send it to the same email address:  (You may also address questions to this address.)

Keep in touch!

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