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Debb’s Story for Wednesday Stories 5/17/17



Debb Stanton

Cassandra, age 7, was staying at her grandmother’s house while her mom and dad went skiing in the Alps.  After they had left for their trip, Cassandra had fallen ill.  She managed to get dressed that day, kept her bunny slippers on, and she started to get bored.  She sat in the corner of the sofa and wanted Grandma’s dog Rusty to join her.  She was still bored, though, and pleaded with Grandma:

“Grandma, PLEASE.  Tell me a story or something!”

“Okay, sweetheart, I can tell that you belong in my family.  I love stories too!”  Grandma’s story went like this:  “Tabbs, the brown tabby cat, rubbed the side of her face against Henry’s face.  (Henry was a whitish-tan dog.)  They played a bit more, and then wondered about the powder-blue boots that were lying on the grass next to them.  ‘No doubt those are the entryway to the Great Castle,’ Tabbs told Henry.  Word had it that if anyone put their feet inside the boots, the boots would become their own size.  If the person stepping into the boots was a male, his boots would become black.

‘Tell me about the Great Castle, Tabbs,’ said Henry.

‘The castle was so huge, it had rooms that looked like they were outside.  There was a nice brown horse

that was the lookout for the castle. (They used to call them sentries.)  He got along just great with the

gorilla named CharHoop,who liked to play with the brown butterfly that had yellow stripes – and he’d smile at him.  But what CharHoop liked to do most, was to clap his big hands and whistle at the handsome peacock, who was also a boy.’

‘Why weren ‘t there any girls at this castle?’ Henry wanted

to know.  ‘Well,’ said Tabbs, ‘there WERE some gals at theGreat Castle.  There was a little human girl that smiles at me all the time, and she was playing with a white bunny that had light grey ears.  In fact, everyone in or around the Castle liked to smile.  It’s the reason people put on silly blue boots, just so they could go someplace where they felt welcome and safe and wanted….the other girl was a tiny elephant who went by the name of Miss Ellie Fant.  She wore a pink daisy in each ear, by the way.’  Henry by this time was quite confused.  When he went to school, he was trying to learn everything his teacher at school taught him.  He wanted to get all the facts straight!  ‘Okay,’ he began, ‘if the sentry was a horse, then what is that nice teddy bear doing, hanging on the clothesline?’  Of course, Tabb had an answer for everything.    ‘Henry, his name is Murfin, and he is the sentry but changes into his bear costume when he wants to look over the whole country side.  The only way he can do that, is if someone puts him on the line for awhile,’ Tabb explained.  ‘There’s also three yellow chicks on an orange towel that live nearby, and he needs to be able to keep his eye on them so they don’t roll down the hillside.’

‘Oh, but are there lions there?  They’re in your family, you know,” Henry brought up.

‘Yes, but they’re in my EXTENDED family,’ Tabbs said.  ‘Either way, they wrinkle up their muzzles and talk to each other.  It looks like they’re mad, but doing this helps them to smell better.  Oh, and there’s one more thing.  Near the walk up to the Castle, there’s an old trunk.  There’s a little boy inside, and he pretends he’s a jack-in-the-box.  Tsk, tsk, some people are never satisfied with themselves; they always want to be somebody else!’ and with that, Tabbs rolled over onto her back and started to sleep.  And do you know, Cassandra, what Henry said when Tabbs was sleeping?” Grandma said.

“Um, did he say that he’d better wash up for lunch now?”

“No.  He said, ‘tell that Cassandra that she’s too nice of a girl to be sick.  We hope she will think of us and smile, and then feel just great!’ “

T H E   E N D

Word Count:  702

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  1. fizzy281

    May 19, 2017

    Lol, what an imaginative way of including all of the pictures – I didn’t even attempt that! Lovely!

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