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Christine’s Story for Wednesday Stories 5/17/17

A Flopsy Bunny & Snowball Tale
Chrissy’s Big Adventure
by Christine Barnes
Flopsy Bunny and Snowball Teddy lived with Chrissy and her parents in a little house near the woods. Snowball was looking forward to night-time and he knew that his best friend Flopsy would be too because that was when they could be themselves. Some days it was quite difficult pretending just to be stuffed toys and they often wondered what would happen if people knew the truth.  Of course there were always some toys whose young owners knew. Some children had even visited fairyland, but their parents always thought their stories were imagination. Snowball was particularly excited because they had been invited to The Spring Ball in Fairyland. Flopsy wanted to take Chrissy with them but Snowball was not sure that was a good idea.
However, just now Snowball was looking a bit sorry for himself. In fact he was feeling a little sorry for himself because, while Chrissy was at school, her mother had put him in the washing machine. It wasn’t that he minded a good wash, in fact he enjoyed feeling so clean and fluffy afterwards, but the swishing and spinning made him dizzy. He was not like Chrissy, who loved going to the funfair with her parents and always wanted to go on the wildest rides. Snowball was quite happy with a quiet life. Flopsy was the one who was always getting into scrapes – and she loved the washing machine!
It was a sunny Spring day and Snowball had been pegged out to dry on the washing line.  It didn’t hurt at all but made him hang crookedly so that the ground was all at a slant. Nevertheless he was enjoying the lovely warm sunshine and hearing the baby birds chirping for food. The spring flowers had been freshly painted – he could tell that the flower fairies had been working very hard – and the sky was a pretty blue, with white fluffy clouds.
Suddenly he heard a door bang, and then Chrissy’s footsteps running out into the garden. She took one look at him and promptly burst into tears. Chrissy’s mummy rushed out into the garden to see what was wrong. Chrissy just pointed and her mummy immediately took him down, exclaiming “oh no, how did that happen?!” After brushing his fur back to gleaming white and assuring Chrissy he was fine, mummy and Chrissy went upstairs and tucked Snowball under the covers with Flopsy. Snowball looked at Chrissy’s tearstained face and wished he could tell her he was fine but mummy was still there and he was of course just a stuffed toy …….
“Come on Chrissy” said mummy “wash your hands, tea will be ready in five minutes”. They left the room and Snowball turned to Flopsy who was trying not to laugh. “What are you laughing at?” asked Snowball “You” said Flopsy, “You’re all fluffy!” They laughed and then Snowball said “Flopsy, I think we should take Chrissy to the Fairyland Ball tonight, she was so upset earlier” Flopsy squealed “Yes!” she said “I know she will love it.” “We shall have to be extra quiet”  Snowball cautioned.
They chatted and planned and Snowball helped Flopsy brush her coat until it was almost as fluffy as his! Eventually Chrissy came upstairs to bed; Snowball and Flopsy lay quietly while mummy tucked Chrissy in and kissed her goodnight. Once she had gone they excitedly told Chrissy their plan. Chrissy of course was used to talking with Snowball and Flopsy and was so excited to think that she could go to fairyland with them.  Flopsy said she would wake her after mummy and daddy had gone to bed as mummy always looked in to check on Chrissy then.
It was dark but a full moon shone through the window when Flopsy woke Chrissy as promised. The three of them crept down the stairs, through the kitchen and conservatory and out into the garden. It was almost as bright as day in the moonlight and they tiptoed along the garden path and up the steps to the old apple tree. Flopsy ran ahead and pushed a large stone away from behind the tree. Underneath was a shiny silver key which she handed to Snowball. He moved to a knot of wood in the fence and Chrissy saw it was in the shape of a keyhole. How strange that she had never noticed it before. Were they going through the fence? She knew that it just led to the garden of the house backing on to theirs, where one of her school friends lived. Before she could say anything Snowball had put the key into the hole and the fence panel opened to somewhere magical!  Chrissy blinked, her eyes adjusting to the light from rows of lanterns strung along a small path; she could hear distant music ……..
800 words


  1. fizzy281

    May 19, 2017

    Thank you Debb – ah, you’ll just have to wait for the next chapter ….. 😉


    May 17, 2017

    I want to know what happens next! Very good story!

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