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Christine’s Story for Wednesday Stories 5/3/17

A Letter Home
Christine Barnes
Dear Mum & Dad
Just a quick note to let you know that I arrived safely. Nana and Grandad are doing well and send you both their love. When I arrived Grandad had been out in the garden digging over the vegetable patch for planting the beans and salad vegetables. Nana was very pleased. She said she had been nagging him to do it for a few weeks as she wanted to get everything planted and her knees and back complain too much if she tries digging it herself. Grandad was at the sink washing the mud from his hands and just grunted at Nana’s comment but we all know he’d fly to the moon and back if she asked him to!
After lunch we walked around the farmyard and Nana pointed out the ducklings which were just so cute. They were all huddled together by the fence but looking in all different directions as if trying to understand this new world they found themselves in.
We then walked around the lower field. There were two of the new lambs who just stood and looked at us. Their coats have grown nicely, but not to the stage of the adults where the mud starts clogging it; they looked so clean and white, almost like an advertisement for washing powder! They seemed very content and there was plenty of grass for them to feed on. Grandad said he had something different to show me and we waked to the gate at the edge of the field. You won’t believe what was there! Alpacas! Yes really! Apparently one of their neighbours had asked to rent a field and has started breeding Alpacas. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen them. They are something like Llamas but smaller and with coats like sheep.  They have the prettiest of features with big eyes and a quizzical look. I wasn’t able to get a photo of their faces, as it appears the grass was of a lot more interest than we were, but I’ve enclosed a photo of them for you, as well as of the duckings, and the sheep.
The other photo is one I took later in the afternoon when we visited another farm to take back some books Nana had borrowed. It was just over the border into Dorset and had that beautiful red earth that you always comment on (and no mum, I didn’t sneak any out so that you could try to make a face mask from it!!) They had some lovely fluffy chicks. When they saw us they ran and tried to huddle behind an old stone bird bath, but I was able to capture a quick shot. If you’re wondering how I printed the pictures, I brought my instant printer with me to try out. I’m quite pleased with it and I knew you’d appreciate pictures rather than me just rambling on!
Oh I nearly forgot. They had a postcard from James on the mantelpiece. It was sent from Bolivia and showed a picture of a wading flamingo. It was sent a week after our last card so that is a little more of an update for you. He is still enjoying backpacking and seeing the local culture. He was talking about the hats which of course was the picture on the card that he sent to us a couple of weeks back.
Grandad asked if I would be back in September to help with the harvest. Of course I said yes. I’ve always loved the harvest time, the smell of the hay, the birds following the tractor and then riding the hay cart back to the farm, sitting on the bales set aside for winter feed. So many lovely memories!
Well I must go and get ready for tea. Nana has made bread and it smells amazing. Fresh bread and butter, local cheese, ham, eggs, home grown tomatoes. What could be nicer! Grandad is going to open some of his home made cider too. I suspect I shall sleep well tonight!
Well that’s all for now. Looks after yourselves and I’ll give you a call later in the week. God bless and lots of love as always xxx
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  1. Christine Barnes

    May 7, 2017

    Thank you Sally 🙂

  2. Sally Stackhouse

    May 5, 2017

    What a lovely, chatty letter, a great way to combine the prompt.

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