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Prompt for Wednesday Stories 5/3/17

Earth Day was last week.  How ’bout we have land and water, farms, birds and animals grace our stories next week?

I have to admit, I have spring fever.  Here in Minnesota it was like summer, and now we are back to freezing temps and possible snow overnight!  So okay, let us be “wild” then, and I will give you some groovy prompts!

Word limit:  700 (believe it!)

How to write —  there are many ways (or combinations) this time:

  • A 100 word paragraph for each photo
  • A story with all or most of the photos
  • A story using some or all of these words — or not:  pub; tapestry; soap; basket; gown; bee; thief; morning tea.  The latter two would have fit well into my last story!

Interesting, I chose the number of words before I chose the photos; I found the words as my last step.

This prompt is a memorial to my dad, of sorts.  He was a farmer originally and became an orchardist and gardener in his later years.  No doubt he inspired my love of the earth, trees, nature, and of course – animals and birds.  I was just thinking of how the first picture, of the ducklings, reminds me of a class of students – do you agree, o my friend Mr. T?  🙂

Okay, troops.  Let’s see what we can do!






“Flamingo Wading in Bolivia”

Alpaca on farm
baby chicks on a farm in Asia
Image of male farmer digging in the garden

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