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Debb’s Story for Wednesday Stories 4/26/17



Debb Stanton

“You gotta do this — tonight!  Don’t let me down, Freddie!” Bulb told a fellow crook.

“Shut up!  Don’t you realize I’m the boss of this gig?  I will do it – tomorrow night!” Freddie argued.  He was scared of heights, so climbing up the stairs on the outside of that apartment building would be hard enough.  Also scaring Freddie was rethinking his thieving, malicious ways.  He no longer wanted this life of crime. But, he had better do what he promised – kill someone for their money – or  else he would be the one killed. 

Widowed for 25 years now, Jessamine Walker had a quiet life, with a nice little pension and a big fat cat named Melvin.  She loved her hideaway in her apartment building in New York City.  She lived on the 7th floor, where Melvin loved to look out the windows and wait for the morning milkman.

Jessamine had been a preschool/nursery school teacher for countless years.  She loved taking the kids on trips to the museum where they could look at life-sized dinosaur models.  She always thought about her trip to a jungle when she and her husband had met a little chimp who stole their hearts — and their potato chips!  The children loved their teacher very much.  She was always a good helper when someone needed their hair bow straightened or their shoes tied.

This Friday evening, Jessamine was mellow. She had her white noise machine set to “jungle”, so she could reminisce about hearing the birds and animals in the jungle.  The jungle music was playing loudly so Jessamine didn’t have to strain to hear it.  Soon sleep approached, and Jessamine drifted off to sleep in her recliner in the living room.

7:09 a.m. Saturday.  Jessamine was awakened, and Melvin was scared, by a loud rapping on the apartment door.

“Police!  Open up!” came the intrusive voices.

“Yes sir?” Jessamine replied, opening the door a crack.

“Ma’am, we caught this man climbing up the stairs to your kitchen.  Are you alright?  Do you know this man?” And Jessamine peered around the policeman.  Her eyes lit upon Freddie, and she gulped some air into her frail lungs.

“Well – just wait a second.  I have a good memory….hmm……1965…”

“Frederick!” Jessamine gasped.  “Why is your head bleeding?”

“Um, Mrs. Walker…the cop hit me over the head with the bottle of milk that was by your back door.  They didn’t like me coming up your stairs, I guess.”

“Yes, officers, I know this man.  I taught his nursery school class.  I was waiting to see Frederick so I could feed him breakfast.  Come in Frederick, I’ll find something for your cut.  Good day, officers.”

The officers shrugged their shoulders and left.  They had never seen a potential victim become helpful to a crook.

Jessamine was able to talk Freddie out of his life of crime, which he was hoping for when he ran up to her apartment. Melvin had milk, and Jessamine and Freddie had tea, eggs and waffles for breakfast.

Word count: 500


  1. Christine Barnes

    April 28, 2017

    That was a delightful story Debb, and the comment that Freddy had hoped she would help him was just perfect. Lovely 🙂

  2. Sally Stackhouse

    April 27, 2017

    Phew, so glad it turned around, good luck to Freddy.

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