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Debb’s Story for Wednesday Stories 4/19/17



Debb Stanton

Linnda was a meek, mild-mannered middle-aged woman.  No matter how many times she had been hurt by other people, she remained optimistic and was like a breath of fresh air mingled with sunshine.  Linnda’s friends often told her they wished she would treat herself as well as she treated others — with compassion and empathy.

To have friends, be a friend, she had heard.  Linnda was like that, although she wouldn’t admit that about herself.  It’s hard telling why she couldn’t see herself like her friends saw her.  Heck, even strangers benefitted from her smiles and caring.

Over the last couple of years, Linnda reconnected with her sister, Barb, who had been out of her life for a very long time.  They didn’t want to hash over what  had led to their separation; they were just glad to have each other’s back once more.

One thing had not changed during Linnda’s separation from Barb:  she loved photography with every ounce of her being.  She could talk about it for hours if given the chance!  Here’s a photo she had taken:


Linnda dreamt constantly about having a photography business of her own someday.   She did plenty of research, took business classes and photography classes, and practiced with her camera almost daily.  It’s almost as if the pictures took themselves, so easy and not difficult in the least.

On February 2nd, Barb came over to Linnda’s house for a cup of coffee.  Linnda poured a drink for Barb but ran outside with it!  “Don’t worry, Barbie, I’ll be right back!”  It turns out, Linnda had put the cup in the snow and snapped this photo:

Upon coming back in the house, Linda said with glee, “Happy early Valentine’s Day, Barb!”

“My oh my Linn, I think you get more energy when you’re doing your photography!”

“Could be,” Linn admitted.  “In fact, I know you’re right.  Life is just so – so – delicious when I get to do what I love!”

For the next couple of hours, Barb and Linnda had an animated conversation about photography, lighting, the sun’s angles, cameras, developing photos — everything in Linnda’s world.  She would get so excited that she’d squeak with joy — quite often, in fact!  Pure bliss! Linnda’s face was truly lit up.

Bleary-eyed were the sisters, and their husbands probably wondered what the girls were up to.  Then came a revelation.

“Barbie honey, thank you so much for coming over tonight.  I was starting to get into the doldrums again,” Linnda said.  “Now I’m away from that abyss!”

“Well Linn, I think it went the other way.  I came over, feeling a little low, and now here I am, with hope and encouragement — all because of your love of photography!” Barb exclaimed.

“Amazing, isn’t it?  Friendship is so reciprocal sometimes!” Linnda said.

As “the girls” continued to chat, and celebrate, and love:  let us take a little side trip.  I would like to explain what Barb and Linnda determined about friendship:

  1.  Friendship operates best when it is not taken for granted.
  2.  Linnda literally blossomed with Barb’s encouragement about the thing that Linnda loved – photography.  With that encouragement, dreams seemed to be closer and Linnda herself became more confident.  Once someone believes in you (even when you don’t), the sky is the limit!
  3.  Friendship is fed with love, encouragement, trust, and laughter.  Substitutes will always disappoint, and fake things always get found out in the end.  (Perhaps that is what Linnda used to run into.)

A couple years after that wonderful evening, Linnda was well established in her new career.  She ran a photography studio and won all kinds of awards.  She hung out regularly with her sister and friend Barb and other people who were not out to get her.  And….she finally believed she could do something.  For that, she will always be thankful to Barb and for her love.


DEDICATION:  Dear friends, I have to admit that I am Linnda in the story.  The only difference is, photography is not my bag.  You probably already know what I really love!  Keep reading below the picture….Barb is three of you out there, maybe more.  (You know who you are!)  Just so you know, I appreciate your love and friendship.  I believe that you are a blessing in my life.  You bring me joy; I hope I can do the same for you.  I, like Linnda, am “squeaking” with delight over the delicious lot that is my life!

Speaking of delight, love to my hubby from his H.L.  🙂




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  1. Sally Stackhouse

    April 20, 2017

    Aah, that is true friendship.

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