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Christine’s Story for Wednesday Stories 4/19/17

photo courtesy: Christine Barnes
A friend in need is a friend indeed. So says one of the old sayings. As we grow up we imagine our childhood friends being around for ever – days of playing in the sun, growing up and sharing thoughts, feelings, being there for each other and supporting each other through hard times. Sadly this is so often not the case. As we grow up those friendships we thought would last forever change; people move away, we grow apart or we and they just simply move on to new friends. However we also meet new people and make new friends; friends we will laugh with, cry with, share with; and so the cycle continues.
That saying however always holds true and it is in those times of need that it proves itself. We think we know our friends. We are positive that, in times of hardship, we will always be there to support them and that they will always support us. In times of hardship we really do find out who our true friends are and sadly will learn that those we thought would be there for us are not always. What we do find though is that we make new friends and frequently of a greater strength than we could have ever imagined. People who may previously have been a few among many that we counted as friends, become those we can always rely on and we develop a depth of friendship that we could have missed were it not for those times. Bonds are formed that we could not have imagined.
A final thought – always endeavour to be a friend. Be the person who can be relied on to be there when needed and remember that that can be as simple as a quick message of support. Remember  – friends need friends too!

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  1. Sally Stackhouse

    April 20, 2017

    Lovely thoughts especially your last sentence.

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