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Debb’s Story for Wednesday Stories, 4/5/17



Debb Stanton

Dear Mom,

Sorry for not writing sooner.   I’m so glad you gave me your old laptop, as it sure is nice to sit on my bed and type instead of having to sit at a desk!

As you know, my work at the zoo is pretty rewarding.  You remember how I love  animals!  But today Boa the gorilla was very sad, because his brother died last week. Boa is very despondent now, but actually this is a new part of his grief.  Up until today, he was very angry, throwing rocks at his visitors and kicking the dirt and knocking over his feed pail.  I guess animals go through the same grieving process as we humans, anger…sadness…

Speaking of grieving, I was thinking of Grandma today as I was going through my closet and found my old light gold (or yellow) high heels.  Remember those things?  That day I came back from a party, wearing them, and I tried to help Grandma hang her clothes on the old clothesline, and she wouldn’t let me, remember?  She said “No granddaughter of mine is going to get a heel stuck in the grass and end up twisting her ankle.  No, siree!”  Remember, Mom?  I wonder if Grandma ever graduated to using plastic clothes-pins!  But, she

had been right about twisting my ankle.  It wasn’t hanging clothes on the line, but when I was walking in the woods with Mark last week, I went over to a daisy that had popped up among all the pretty fall leaves.  I fell into a little hole that I couldn’t see under the leaves, and Mark couldn’t grab me in time.  So down I went.   I’m ready to give those heels away now! Tell Dad that he taught me well — I put my leg up and iced it.  It’s better now.  Does Dad still work all those hours at the hospital?  I guess that’s why I’m writing today and not calling.  He’s probably out working, and maybe  you are at your volunteer job.

Have you heard from Stacey lately?  She hasn’t called me, and vice versa, so maybe she is really busy.  Well, if she calls, give her our greetings.  Mark and I are adjusting pretty well to living in Chicago.  We miss home and all that, but once we make some new friends around here, life will be good again.




  1. fizzy281

    April 5, 2017

    What a lovely letter! Really enjoyed it!


    April 5, 2017


  3. Sally Stackhouse

    April 5, 2017

    This worked very well as a letter, a nice informal tone to it. Great job.

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