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Christine’s Story for Wednesday Stories 4/5/17

A Day at the Zoo
Christine Barnes
Zozo was confused. Why did these hairless apes always make such odd faces when they wandered over to his enclosure. He always felt rather sorry for them. He was so fortunate; he and the rest of his family lived in a beautiful place. He was never quite sure why he had been chosen to come to this lovely area but they had everything they could possibly want. Trees, grass, climbing frames, and a plentiful supply of food. The weather was not quite the same as when he was very young but they had a small house they could always go to when it rained, or when they were tired of entertaining the poor creatures who came to peer at them, and there was even an indoor climbing frame indoors in addition to the trees outside, and there was a small pool with a waterfall feeding it.  He had one very good human friend who visited him every day and usually brought food. He also did his housework for him, cleaning his home and sometimes rearranging his climbing apparatus. If he wasn’t able to visit he always arranged for one of his friends to visit so he was never lonely. He and his friends were clearly a specific breed as they all had a pale brown skin, which strangely seemed removable. He had noticed that the skin changed to a much darker colour when it rained and didn’t seem to shake off the water droplets as his did. The hairless apes who came to peer at them were very different. They had odd coloured skin, no two alike, and he assumed they were envious of his home which is why they all came to peer enviously at him. He still couldn’t work out why the made such odd faces though. Today there was a young male hairless ape making faces. Zozo thought he should try to encourage him so he went closer and tried to copy the strange faces being made. Actually he found it quite easy as his face seemed more able to form strange shapes, but it seemed to amuse these creatures, so he was always happy to oblige.
It was later that same evening and Kathy was sitting cross legged on the bed selecting some photos to use for a surprise gift for her boyfriend. She was giggling as she selected the photos from a batch she had surreptitiously taken earlier in the day when they spent some time at the zoo. Mark had spent some time making faces at a young ape and had been so absorbed that he had not noticed her taking pictures of him. Kathy intended to make a chalk/pastel drawing from the pictures.
Three hours later and it was done! Two images of Mark making odd faces. Her artistic skill with the soft chalks, finished with colouring pencils for the detail, was amazing. The faces were clearly recognisable and she knew Mark would get a laugh from the picture the next day.


  1. fizzy281

    April 12, 2017

    Thank you Sally 🙂

  2. Sally Stackhouse

    April 5, 2017

    Great story, love the humour, nice and subtle.

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