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Sally’s Story for 3/29/17




Sally Stackhouse

Nora held her multi-flavoured ice-cream cornet away from her dress, she couldn’t afford to get grease stains on her new purple dress.


Crickey! That monster of a dog was trying to grab her cornet.  Nora wished she’d never agreed to dog sit her brother’s dog while he jaunted off on a company week away in his checked shirt and cowboy boots, she just knew he would buy a Stetson hat on his retreat. A wannabe cowboy.   It was a team building week for the sales department; they always got the glory and the freebies. She worked in the finance department, they never got any thanks.  It really wasn’t fair. No matter how hard she worked, how many hours she sat at her desk, how many weekends she gave up the company only rewarded the front line.


Today was going to be such good day.  She’d primped and pampered last night, one of the rare Friday nights she left the office on time and even rarer a weekend with no work to do.


Nora washed her hands in the kitchen sink, the ice-cream taste lingered in her mouth, should she brush her teeth or wait another hour?  The hands on the clock were going round so slowly.  She was getting more and more excited by the minute.  Not long now until she met the coach at the bus station and welcomed her long-distance boyfriend home again.


It was so difficult maintaining a healthy relationship when it took five hours travelling to see each other but worth it even for a short weekend before he had to travel back.  His job was in computers, not the interesting software side of it but the actual hardware, the physical building of machines.  Apparently he was quite clever which is why he was head-hunted by the Northern firm, after a lot of debate, tears and recriminations they decided to give it a go.


Now Nora wondered if Trevor would move back or whether she could make the commitment to move with him.  It was a catch-22 situation, would she reject their love because she was afraid of new beginnings.  Would she be able to get a job?  Her company hadn’t expanded in to that area and had no plans to do so, no hope there of a transfer.  Sometimes she felt like a caged animal, a panther pacing up and down the limited length of its cage. She must work hard to shake off these negative thoughts or their weekend would be totally spoiled.


Nora jumped in to her car, drove to the bus terminal and spied Trevor waiting patiently for her.  As soon as he saw her his face split in to a wide grin as he held his arms out to her.  In his embrace Nora felt safe and secure. This was her light bulb moment as she realised she would follow him wherever he led.  Now all she had to do was decide when to tell him.


Word count: 495


  1. fizzy281

    April 5, 2017

    A lovely sweet ending 🙂


    March 31, 2017

    I like the suspenseful way you wrote. So glad to read the end! 🙂

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