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Debb’s Story for 3/29/17




Debb Stanton

What was unusual about Tess is that she dressed up everywhere she went – to work where she worked on computer hardware; taking her little nephew to see the monster movies  he loved; going to hear a naturalist speak about panthers; and shopping for food and lightbulbs.  She’d even use her Coach purse when she went to casual places, like the farm where her boyfriend, me (a cowboy), lived.  Getting stuck in the muddy tractor tracks — she was wearing high heels – did nothing to teach her a lesson.  She always rejected the idea of dressing to fit the occasion.  “I’m going to do what I want,” Tess had said  to every person who dared give her any advice.  Hopeless case, we all thought.  She’ll never change.

One day she told me she was going to take her dog Bluster to the fair.   Lo and behold, I was helping Ma reach for something on a high shelf in the kitchen.  We heard the radio say that there were problems at the fair.  No details were given except that this lady wore high heels.  Well, that was enough for me.  I just knew in my gut that the d.j. was talking about Tess!

When I got to the fair, I approached the crowd that was gathered around  someone – and a dog.  Bluster!  There was Tess, lying in the dirt near the ice cream stand.  She had been knocked out cold.  Her dog, his face covered in ice cream, was nervously standing next to her  like he was willing his mistress to get up.

“Don’t worry, son,” the owner of the ice cream stand said.  “We’ve already called 9-1-1, just to make sure she’s okay.  I already checked her breathing, and she’s still with us.”

“What happened?”  I was still astounded that the owner picked me out of the whole crowd and determined that I must be her boyfriend.

“Well, some teenager boys were roughhousing right in front here, and one boy passed their football to the other.  The one catching the ball backed up for the pass but hadn’t known that Tess was right behind him.  All she was doing was letting her dog have a lick of her ice cream, and she got nailed!”

“But, that knocked her out?  She must have fainted or something?”

“Uh…I saw her look down at her shoe…B-b-but the scoop of ice cream had fallen on her shoe once the dog tried to eat the ice cream.  Oh yes, then her shoes were dirty in the first place because it’s so dusty around here.  We need some rain!”  (Tess couldn’t stand it if her shoes were dirty AND sticky.)

Tess finally came to.  She looked around, hugged Bluster, looked at me sheepishly and grinned.

“Next time I will wear something more sensible,” she said.

I hope she meant both her clothes and her shoes, but I didn’t care.  As long as she thought our advice was her idea, at least she agreed.

Word count:  497



    March 30, 2017

    Thanks Sally, I try to be real careful when I use humour, because it can easily go to an extreme. 🙂

  2. Sally Stackhouse

    March 30, 2017

    A lovely story, nice touches of humour, great creative use of the random words.

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