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Debb’s Poem for 3/22/17



a poem by Debb Stanton

They say I am feral

and that I don’t have a home

It is true

I don’t live on a farm

or with a family

I hang out in the woods

where there is just a tiny bit of food I can find

My fur is a bit matted

and my bones are starting to stick out

but surely I’m still loveable:

am I right?

I am not like my fellow ferals

I am not afraid of people

at least I don’t think so

I would be glad to make a friend or two

Can you help make this possible?

I can’t guarantee you anything;

in fact, are there any real guarantees anywhere?

People have children

They are not promised

what the children will turn out like

I cannot guarantee you

that I am a healthy cat

but I can guarantee

if you take a chance on me

I will be loyal to you

but only if you treat me right

Please do not judge me

I used to have better looks

I have survived many things

and had some very close calls

but I deserve to live


there is much more to me than looks

I have a warm heart

and I would like to comfort

those who need a warm heart to help them

Oh dear God of cats

Please hear my cry

I know you love me

but I need to truly feel this

Please bring me a friend

who will be nice to me

We can trade bits of happiness

I will purr

in exchange for soft pats

and the sun on my back

clean, tasty food

and a little blanket to sleep on

Is that too much?

I will give you my world

if I can share yours

Please think about it

before it’s too late



    March 22, 2017

    Hoping a lot of adoptions can take place after reading this. 🙂


    March 22, 2017

    Thank you…

  3. fizzy281

    March 22, 2017

    That’s so lovely

  4. Sally Stackhouse

    March 22, 2017

    Aww, hope he finds his home soon.

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