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Writing Prompt for Wednesday Stories 3/22/17

Hello there!  What’s  happening?  You are just in time for an exercise in imagination.


a story about writing prompts


Debb Stanton


Picture a bird in a tree.  I’ll call it Molly.   Molly arises from her nap.  She sees that she is still in her sturdy nest, and she decides to preen her beautiful feathers.  Once this task is done, she looks around her.

Ooh, there’s that darn mockingbird again, Molly notices regretfully.  And here I was thinking I didn’t have to be the audience for this braggart today!  He thinks he can imitate many sounds — but he should know that crows can also imitate, and some crows can even say words!

So Molly hunkers down into her nest, low enough that the mockingbird won’t see her.

A bird-like whistle sounds near Molly, and she sees Mr. J. Cardinal and his bright red wings sitting on the branch next to hers.

“I say, good day, Lady Molly,” J. Cardinal greets her.

“Hello,” Molly answers shyly, “and how are you today?”

“Hrrumph!  I am fine, but that lady in Minnesota?  Now she’s the one I wonder about!”

“Why, J. Cardinal?  What do you wonder about her?”

“I wonder if the people who like to write poetry will ever be able to find her,” J. Cardinal replied.

“Is she lost?”  The only thing Molly knew about humans is that you can’t trust them, and they could hurt you.

“No, but she would like her friends to submit a poem to her by Monday the 20th by noon.  Some of her friends write beautiful poetry, but the other friends — well, let’s just say they’re timid, sort of like you are…”

“Oh, that shouldn’t be a problem.  I think I’ve heard of her.  Her name is Debbie, and another cardinal visits her front porch almost every day.  I think she even types at her computer — maybe it’s a blog that she does?”  Molly seemed to now be a wealth of information.

If a cardinal could make his face even more red, then J. Cardinal would blush right about now.

“Lady Molly, I am he that visits her front porch and sings so sweetly to her.  She has a problem in that she doesn’t want to push people to write, but she’d like them to at least try.  You know, she’s very nice and would never laugh at anything that is submitted to her.  Why, I could tell by being near her window, that she’s had some good poets already contribute poetry to her blogs before.  And, I happen to know of a few of them.  There’s a “Tom Lucas” and “Erik Andrulis” and “Sally Stackhouse“…

“Well,” Molly said, “I will telegraph my bird friends and they can pass the “needing poetry or stories” word.”

“Alright, dear lady, that will be fine.  Tell them if they have any questions they can write to Debb and she will be glad to help them,” J. Cardinal answered.


493 words!  Almost the amount of words I recommend for a story in this blog!  Actually, folks, send me anything – a poem, story, composition, limerick, instructional….you get the idea!  But our main point hopefully will be poetry — in any form you like!  If you’ve never submitted anything like this to a blog before, don’t be alarmed.  Stop wondering.  Yes, you can do it!  You are always welcome here.  And the only thing I (and my loyal readers) judge  is….whether we should have stopped eating two bites ago.  🙂  Now is the time…we’d like to hear from you if at all possible.


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