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A Change Is Headed Your Way

But really folks, it is not as worthy as a s0-quiet-you-can’t-hear-a-pin-drop type of message.

The editor of Inner Sunshine (yours truly) simply wants to jazz up Wednesday Stories a bit.  Maybe not for every Wednesday — we’ll see.  But each time I send out a prompt on Thursday for the next Wednesday, be alert, because it could be under a new format.  Not wanting to confuse anybody, I still would like to share my spontaneity.  Perhaps we’ll attract new writers that haven’t written for Wednesday Stories yet.  Maybe new types of prompts will be more user-friendly.  Maybe you’ll decide to try a story — just for the heck of it — and find you really enjoy the experience.  Eeeeekkk!  You just never know.

Even now as these ideas are percolating in my head (and heart!), I would like you to answer a new poll, if you would.  As always, but especially now, I want to know your thoughts.    The question is:

℘ What changes or additions would you like to see in Wednesday Stories? (Now is your chance) ℘ I will consider each and all recommendations.  Don’t be shy!

Oh, and while I’m at it, let me present to you a new photo that, when you see it on the blog, will alert you that within this post will be the prompt for next week’s Wednesday Stories. 

Prompt for Wednesday Stories
Prompt for Wednesday Stories

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