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Debb’s Story for Wednesday Stories 8/17/16



            by Debb Stanton




A village named Hersophenes had a creek running through it.   The village’s main building was an auditorium on a hill.  The auditorium had a tall spire on its roof.

Hersophenes was a small group of people with formidable physical strength.  Jeanne de Arc’s death in France was quite peaceful as compared to the evening punishment ceremonies held under the light of the moon in Hersophenes.

The village women’s strength was in their dancing.   The dances varied in steps, types and looks.  The dancers favored dancing in the sunlight with the steps of Maypole dancers, weaving in and out amongst themselves.  They wore floral wreaths on their heads and danced with shiny ribbons.  The dancers also performed a dance by the light of the moon.   The dancers, and all of Hersophenes, were a very gentle, humble and kind bunch, but they had to dance at night immediately preceding the death sentences.  These death sentences were given to those evil ones with ice water in their veins. The punishment ceremonies had to be held before the death sentences, otherwise the death sentences would lose their impact.

Hersophenes was an idyllic place, except for The Grit.   The Grit was a dragon who loved to hide in trees (he was a very good climber) and jump upon people below.  He despised the dancers; all their movements made him nervous.

When the sun was shining through the clouds and in the creek after a summer storm, a man in a red coat named Outrageous appeared at the outskirts of Hersophenes.  He stood there for a long while, plotting his next moves.  Outrageous had heard how Hersophenes was a peaceful place.  He wanted to overtake Hersophenes and then the whole world.  The longer that Outrageous stood there, the more he bothered The Grit.  The Grit wanted to take him down and take him out permanently.  He loved the dancers now, since Outrageous was such a mean-spirited failure.

That evening, Outrageous found himself at a meeting in the auditorium.  The villagers told Outrageous that he was to be outed.  They were going to put him in their punishment ceremonies and then a grave.  He had damaged too many cities and hearts;  it had to stop!

“But I come in peace!  I can fix all your problems, and I have great ideas for you.  Really!”  His pitiful words fell on deaf ears as he was hauled off by The Grit.  The Dancers (who had tied Outrageous to The Grit’s back) and the other citizens followed The Grit gleefully down the path and to the place of the punishment ceremonies.

The Grit blew fire upon Outrageous who was tied to a stake.  The Grit’s breath was very bad and very hot.  Then Outrageous was burned to death — one limb and body part at a time, a death very befitting this evil personified!

Now the dancers donned their floral wreaths and ribbons and did the celebration dance that normally didn’t happen at night.

Word count:  660 down to 500.

We would like to thank Tom Lucas for supplying the photo prompts.  This was a chance for us to dip our toes into the waters of fantasy writing!






    August 17, 2016

    Do you mean, they will have to explain why they killed someone? I have an answer for that — those dancers were always at the ready to kill off the evil people. That’s why I explained first that they were actually good people who were on patrol. 🙂

  2. Sally

    August 17, 2016

    Well those dancers have a lot to answer for. Great story.

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